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When we started Conscious Fashion Week, we had no doubt about who was going to create our poster; Iris Bakker.

Iris works with portrait drawing and intuitive art, focusing primarily on creating intimate encounters between people. In her art, she creates a space where people meet and see each other.

"Art should not be something that creates distance, but something that brings us together."

For this reason, we have selected Iris to be the artist of Conscious Fashion Week's poster in 2019. We are very happy and proud of this collaboration and, above all, to have come so far with the project.


Artwork, official poster

Official Poster COFW 2019 - Original Artwork

5.000,00 kr
Artwork, official poster

Official Poster COFW 2019

400,00 kr
Artwork, official poster

Artwork Postcard COFW 2019

100,00 kr
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