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About COFW

Conscious Fashion Week

Conscious Fashion Week (COFW) is a non-profit organization, that aims to be a link between consumers and sustainable brands. Meaning, that COFW is the consumer's transparent guide to sustainable fashion. Conversely, COFW highlights the sustainable brands, making it easier to reach the consumer, who wish to shop more sustainably.


The Purpose

The purpose of the organization is to create a sustainable fashion week focusing on the conscious choices and actions from top to bottom. To create a vibrant community online as well as offline that brings awareness into the world of fashion. To collaborate with designers, brands, consumers, as well as external partners, sponsors and contributors in a common desire for transformation in our consumption patterns and as a community be a guiding star in this mission.



Transforming people into reflection and actively make their own choices through the fashion industry.



To create a sustainable fashion week in Aarhus from 2020.
By placing a sustainable fashion week in Aarhus, it is Conscious Fashion Week's ambition to mark Aarhus as a first mover on sustainable initiatives and at the same time brand Aarhus as an innovative fashion city.


The Story behind COFW

The idea came up at a brainstorm in Nôrd by Nôrd's studio on Fredensgade in Aarhus C. We were about to throw an event for the brand in September 2019.

An important focus area during the planned event was to convey awareness and the message of the conscious choices and to open up dialogue about topics such as conscious actions and sustainability, as these are the core values ​​of Nôrd by Nôrd.

In this regard, we decided, that we should have a week of conscious celebration - a Conscious Week, and we really wanted more brands to work with sustainable design and fashion to spread the message to more people and at the same time to inform new as well as older sustainable brands.

This is where we discovered, that there is actually no definite sustainable fashion week in Scandinavia, where the sustainable brands gather and get a scene to stand on - we acted on the idea and what were thoughts quickly turned into numerous actions. Along with the insight into the impact of the fashion industry on the climate, environment and people, we immediately embarked on the work needed to create a fashion week focused on conscious choices and reflection, and how sustainable design and fashion would be honored.